How to use the spice blends.....

There is a flatbread on a dinner plate. On the flat bread there is vegetables and chicken 

Each of my spice blends comes with a recipe but I am a firm believer that recipes are a guideline for the cook of the day. 

Everyone's taste buds are different - I personally love strong and vibrant flavour in my dishes, so my recipes will always instruct to add lots of the spice mix. So, whenever a lovely customer buys my jars, I always advise them to start small and build up the flavour to suit their pallet. 


A lot of my spice blends can be used to make a marinade of some sort, if you're doing this, I recommend making it in a separate bowl. Start off with a small amount and build it until you have the right flavour level for you. If you're going to be cooking any meat, I recommend adding it once you are happy with the marinade itself. 

The photo above is of chicken tikka wraps that hubs and I made at my in-laws a while back, we tailored the dish so that my mother in-law would be okay with it as she doesn't like flavours that are too strong.


If you are making one of my curry recipes, it's really easy to build your base sauce - taste as you go and then to add any meats (if you are cooking a meat based curry). You can always taste the flavour once the meat is cooked in the curry itself and adjust any flavours that aren't quite right.

The biggest trick is to taste, taste and taste!


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