Believing in yourself

Believing in yourself

When you start a new adventure, particular one where success isn't guaranteed, you worry about what will happen if you don't get the desired outcome. You also think about what other people will think....I know these thoughts ran through my mind and nearly discouraged me from partaking in this journey.

I started doing my spice blends last Summer but they started off as very much a work in progress, they have come a long way since then...believe me! However it was easy to keep them small scale, lost amongst other talented crafters but it took a huge leap of faith (in myself) to go to my first every Royal Foodie Min.

As Mr RF and I prepared everything the night before the market, we got everything ready to load into cars for the morning. I was terrified but excited at the same time. What if people didn't like me or my products? I was excited about going solo too as I couldn't wait to talk to people about my products and meet lots of new people.

At the market itself, visitors slowly started tricking in and my stall was very quiet for a while, I got to the point where I thought I'd be grateful if I made my pitch money back (though the fee was for charity so either way...some good would come from the day). Even at this point, I was trying to remain positive because negativity just breeds negativity.

It's really easy to doubt yourself quickly when you don't really believe in yourself.

As the day went on, lots of people started stopping by my stall, the bright colours attracted them. I loved talking to people about my products and influences....even if they didn't buy anything. 

I found that speaking to people and sharing my knowledge was the best part of the day!

By the end of the Makers Market, I was in love with markets, fairs and events and couldn't wait to do the next one. The buzz that I got from the day was amazing, I answered a few cooking questions and was happy to share the tips, I was taught by my mum or things I'd picked up along the way.

I did sell spice jars and they were received well....I'd been worried for no reason.

On reflection, I realised that the fear of failure should never hold me back and I should believe in myself...because I didn't just sell products, I enjoyed talking to people about them and sharing my experiences. The latter is far more important than anything else because it made me happy.

If I'd given in to my reservations, I would never have gone to the Makers Market and met so many lovely people. I definitely wouldn't have signed up to all the other markets and fairs that I'm doing until Christmas....details can be found on my homepage!

Sometimes you've just got to take the leap and believe in yourself.

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